• Lightweight Hand-held Tools
    Lightweight Hand-held Tools
  • Slope Stabilization
    Slope Stabilization
  • S6 ARGS Kit
    S6 ARGS Kit
  • Platipus ARGS
    Platipus ARGS
  • Surface Erosion Prevention
    Surface Erosion Prevention

Marine, Shoreline & Underwater Applications

The unique anchor design and method of installation makes Platipus the perfect choice for marine construction. Marine applications are generally located in the harshest and most aggressive environments and Platipus offer anchoring solutions in a range of high grade materials to suit all design life requirements, from temporary 5 year to permanent 120 years applications. Many of our components are made of the highest grade stainless steel and aluminium bronze.

As no specialist tools are required most marine contractors already have the equipment needed for installation.  The percussive installation method allows anchors to be driven in to the most difficult and varying ground conditions.

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