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    Lightweight Hand-held Tools
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    Slope Stabilization
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    S6 ARGS Kit
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    Platipus ARGS
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    Surface Erosion Prevention

Agricultural – Vineyard, Orchards, Soft Fruit, Hops and Crop Protection

Technology in the vineyard and fruit growing industry improves with almost every harvest. The anchor point and end post kit for any trellis or crop protection system is usually the most vital component of the structure. 

Platipus have introduced a choice of standard anchor systems using a high grade stainless steel wire which is ideal for new establishment or general maintenance. The result is anchor systems with an ultimate load up to 2000kg and a 25 year design life, depending on soil conditions. To complement our standard high performance anchor systems we can also offer a range of flexible end post kits suitable for metal or wooden post and all budgets. The anchor and end post kit can be rapidly installed into most stony or compacted soils, including chalk, in less than two minutes.

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