• Platipus Tree Anchors are now available from Cirtex Australia
    Platipus Tree Anchors are now available from Cirtex Australia
  • Piddler Targeted Irrigation
    Piddler Targeted Irrigation
  • Urban Tree Planting
    Urban Tree Planting
  • Deadman Tree Anchoring
    Deadman Tree Anchoring
  • Museum of Old and New Art
    Museum of Old and New Art
  • Palm Tree Anchoring on Highways
    Palm Tree Anchoring on Highways
  • Museum of Old and New Art - On-Structure Tree Anchoring
    Museum of Old and New Art - On-Structure Tree Anchoring

Tree Anchoring & Irrigation Systems


Platipus® Tree Anchoring Systems secure your transplanted trees and palms in any planting situation with every component hidden from view below the nursery line. A proven local solution in Australia, the Platipus Tree Kit has successfully anchored large trees worldwide from Macau to Manchester and San Diego to Sydney.

Landscape Architects specify Platipus because:

  • Platipus provide unrivalled security to transplanted trees of all shapes and sizes
  • Platipus systems ensure an unblemished finish to the landscape
  • Platipus provide an outstanding service from the initial design through to the installation stage of the project

Landscape Contractors choose Platipus because:

  • Platipus Tree Anchors ensure no remedial fixing or straightening of trees after planting is required
  • Platipus kits are fast and easy to install
  • Platipus offer solutions for the most challenging and exposed planting situations such as rooftops and bridges
  • Platipus provide installation training and on-site support at no extra cost

Planting in undisturbed ground

Platipus offer a range of Rootball Fixing Systems for trees ranging from 2m to 20m high using 3 or 4 Percussion Driven Earth Anchors (PDEA®). Using wire tendons and Plati-Mat rootball protection mats Platipus can both provide better protection to the roots and also achieve greater loads and tension around the rootball when compared to other methods.

Planting on-structure

Platipus offer a range of on-structure systems where PDEA's cannot be used due to buried services, shallow concrete planters and waterproofing. The traditional Deadman system using concrete kerbstones or wooden sleepers is now being superseded by the innovative D-MAN solution, a lightweight, easy to use system using recycled plastic cells as anchor points. This drastically reduces the on-structure loads, offers reservoirs for valuable irrigation water and offers protection to waterproofing in the base of planters. Where the planter is too shallow eyebolts are a flexible alternative anchor point either into the sides or base.

Piddler Underground Irrigation & Aeration System

The Piddler was developed to replace surface irrigation methods which cause huge water wastage through evaporation and run off. The Piddler, like the Rootball Fixing System is “sub-surface” and virtually unseen. This underground watering system encircles the rootball delivering the air and moisture where it is most needed and the only visible component is the fill-tube. By keeping the soil around the rootball moist, the subsequent waterings are more efficient and less water is required. The membrane can be cut to size on site with scissors and cannot be easily stolen or vandalized once installed. This system offers huge freight cost savings over traditional methods.

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